Master of Global Politics and Transpacific Studies

Perfil de egreso

After the successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding:
• Full command of the knowledge acquired and their ability to reason about global politics, governance, economy and society. Explain the interdependence between these elements and between global actors in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as all important regional dynamics.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the theories of International Relations, Global Policy and International Political Economy, and translate it into future research for academic or work purposes.

Skills and competences:
• Identify the structures and mechanisms that shape global processes. Recognize the different actors and their ability to influence and modify these processes.
• Analyze international issues at international, regional, national and local levels, while recognizing the relationships between political, economic, social and cultural elements.
• Manage empirical evidence based on the knowledge and research capabilities acquired, and structure information in a way that reflects an ability to compare, delimit and prioritize the elements that support their analysis.
• Evaluate and interpret the results obtained during their research and translate them clearly and coherently into papers, articles, reports, and presentations.
• Develop projects that contribute to the solution of local problems from a global perspective.

Criterion and approach:
• Learn to interact in multicultural societies with a focus on respect, equality and tolerance.
• Develop the capacity for reflection based on the knowledge acquired and a thoughtful consideration of different points of view.
• Demonstrate a capacity for leadership and an inclination for teamwork.